Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Saint Louis Local Artists

I have decided to post all of my Examiner blogs on my old blog, you know for posterity. Everything is saved here and Ill keep this blog around for random musings or recommendations. Enjoy!

5. Union Tree Review
Folk based indie music blew up this year on both sides of the Atlantic, mostly because of Mumford & Sons and Laura Marling, but Saint Louis has a folk indie group that could give them a run for their money. Fronted by the charismatic Tawaine Noah and backed my a melodic range of instruments, Union Tree Review creates a sweet, harmonious sound usually reserved for bands with much more experience. Union Tree Review are a troupe of real musicians, passionate about their art.

4. The Makeshift Gentlemen
Makeshift Gentlemen could easily become Saint Louis’ next big indie success. This electro indie rock outfit embody great dance music as well as good old fashioned rock n roll. Songs like ‘Casanova’ are instantly recognizable and their synth pop hooks could make any of their songs instant hits. The band borders on theatrical, but not in a bad way, and puts on a performance rather than just a show. The band
echoes other indie greats like Franz Ferdinand and quite often treats the audience to covers of their own
indie heroes like Jet. The band has already gotten buzz as opening acts for the Von Bondies and Shiny Toy Guns and will surely be ready to burst from the Saint Louis scene.

3. The Breaks

The Breaks were the best new band to arise from the Saint Louis music scene, and although they haven’t been around for long, have already made an impact on local indie music. Their type of loud indie pop is not usual for midwest America, but rather sounds more like something to come out of the UK. Their niche filling genre hasn’t gone unnoticed, The Breaks have gotten a copious amount of local press and its not hard to see why. Their unique voice and modern take on pop music has them set on the path for success.

2. The Blind Eyes
The Blind Eyes were one of the first bands I experienced when I started my stay in Saint Louis, and they blew me away. Riverfront Times voted them ‘Best Pop Band,’ and although I would classify their music as more of a modern take on classic rock, The Blind Eyes surely deserve the recognition. The group has been on the Saint Louis scene for awhile now, have built up a loyal following, and have played several
dates at local powerhouse venue The Pageant. Since their 2009 album release ‘Modernity,’ the band has only been going up, and 2011 might be their best year yet.

1. So Many Dynamos

Calling So Many Dynamos local these days is most definitely an understatement, but for a long time, the band did call Saint Louis their home. The release of Loud Wars put So Many Dynamos on the national and international map and this palindrome named rock band started the long climb to fame. The Loud Wars is a brilliantly combined album that is synth heavy, but with much more serious material than your typical dance-punk album. The band returned to Saint Louis this year to play at the first annual LouFest and debuted some new tunes for their hometown following. Their music is engrossing, engaging, and their songwriting ability makes them one of the best up and coming bands not only of Saint Louis, but of the nation.

My Saint Louis Playlist

I Function-Union Tree Review
Casanova-Makeshift Gentlemen
Odd Man Out-The Breaks
January-The Blind Eyes
The Formula-So Many Dynamos

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