Sunday, January 31, 2010

British Male Solo Artist

The largest winner in Brit Awards history is nominated for yet another award for his new album “Reality Killed the Video Star.” The Take That alumni and huge UK star Robbie Williams, is back again for another chance at an award. Williams had some success in America with his smash hit ‘Angels, but has mainly stayed isolated to Britain success. I wouldn’t really mind if it stays that way.

Electronic superstar Calvin Harris is also up for an award. Harris is known allover the UK music industry for his originals, remixes, and collaborations. But I respect him most for his stunt on X-Factor, running the across the stage with the pineapple on his head, later saying, "If you look at music it's a frightening stranglehold that Simon Cowell has got over the entire music chart in the UK at the moment."

Our favorite Rascal, Dizzee is up for an award, and even though Hip Hop isn’t probably what I would classify as my area of expertise, but no one can deny that he is pretty catchy. Dizzee Rascal is just as he describes himself, “Tongue in Cheek,” and that’s something you can respect. I also respect the awesome cover by the Baddies that it has produced.

Paolo Nutini followed up his hit 2006 album ‘These Streets’ with ‘Sunny Side Up.’ Nutini’s follow-up, however, isn’t nearly as sweet sounding as the first and becomes boringly drab after a few listens.

Mika also had a follow up to his hit album “Life in Cartoon Motion.” His new hit, “We Are Golden,” is a production to say the least. But it’s a pretty catchy song altogether. Not to mention Mika’s voice is a wonder to hear. The new album is less Freddy Mercury and more show tunes.

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