Monday, February 1, 2010

British Breakthrough Act

I talked about Miss Lott (Pixie) and Miss Machine (Florence) in previous posts, so to keep this short and simple, see below for opinion!

Friendly Fires first came on my radar when they released “Kiss of Life” and I thought the song was uneventful. For an electronic band, their stuff is quite slow and bordering on boring. I would skip Friendly Fires and buy a Metronomy album, there are so many better electro bands.

I hate everything associated with X Factor, including JLS. If there is a Karaoke contest, they might get my vote. If not, can we stop celebrating talent less manufactured music? Thanks.

La Roux’s synth-pop anthems, “In For the Kill” and Bulletproof were dance floor standards this year, and as catchy as those two songs are, the rest of her repertoire is uneventful. The only song worth checking out beyond those two massive hits is “I’m Not Your Toy”. The songs lack substance, but are fun and serve their purpose.

The winner should be Florence, but since I already had a Florence download, here is a Metronomy download.

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