Monday, February 1, 2010

British Single & Critics Choice

The categories for British single is basically just really sad. They consist of X Factor contestants and Cheryl Cole and N-Dubz. The category is mostly just standard club songs.

There is one song I genuinely like though and that's Lily Allen's The Fear. Lily gets a bad rap a lot for her attitude, but the lyrics of the Fear are thoughtful and smart, not to mention her voice sounds fabulous.

The next category is Critics Choice, which I think is a category every awards show should have.

Marina & the Diamonds I discovered almost a year ago at Camden Crawl. In the style of Florence & the Machine, Marina & the Diamonds is the stage name for 24 year old welsh singer Marina Diamandis. She has an incredibly distinct voice that is accented by her welsh accent and will most definitely be the next British female pop singer (whether we need one or not).

Ellie Goulding turned heads with her voice on Starsmith's remix of Passion Pit's Sleepyhead. The rest of her stuff I find unimpressive. She worked on her album with Frankmusik, so the electro feel is kind of fun, but its too mellow to be anything interesting.

I was apparently late in discovering Delphic, but theyre fast becoming one of my favorite new artists. Calling themselves, a 'dance band,' Delphic's sound is very fun, but also has a lot more substance than just a typical dance band. Remember how I said there are a lot better electro bands than Friendly Fires? This is definitely one of them.

My vote? Doubt by Delphic

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