Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Grammy Awards

Alright, everyone knows the Grammy’s are controversial. And they manage to piss everyone off, but I thought this year was pretty successful. And instead of talking about everything I hated about the Grammy’s , I am going to talk about what I liked. The one exception is for the general categories, because I need to let out some steam somewhere.

Record of the Year

Kings of Leon! Kings of Leon! Even know this album came out ages ago, and isn’t the best song in their repertoire I am so happy that these indie rock veterans are doing well. They were the only legitimate group to have any significant Grammy nominations, not just this year, but in several years. Congrats guys! I’ll be joining you on those shots.

Album of the Year

As my mom said while they were announcing the awards, “Anyone but her!” And then it happened. Country starlet Taylor Swift won Album of the Year. With such inspiring lyrics such as, “But she wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts/She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers/Dreaming bout the day when you wake up and find/That what you're lookin for has been here the whole time.” If these aren’t the lamest lyrics ever sung I don’t know what are. Her other hit, Love Story doesn’t make any sense and its clear that Taylor Swift has never read a book in her life. However, you don’t need me to tell you how unfair this is, the internet has been ripe with backlash, saying that she only won the award because of guilt over the Kanye West incident. Her live performance at the Grammy’s was awful, making me realize that I was giving her more credit than she deserved.

The fact that Lady Gaga lost is appalling. Pop music isn’t even my expertise and I can see the time and effort that went into making the Fame. Lady Gaga lives and breathes her art, which is so refreshing in the age of manufactured pop stars.

Song of the Year

The fact that a song which in its entirety is "If you like it then you should of put a ring on it" over and over and "all the single ladies to put their hands up" just won a grammy astounds me. I see the appeal of Beyonce, normally her music is fun and upbeat, and as someone who likes to go out dancing, I like it too, but ‘Single Ladies’ gets boring after about 45 seconds and then I just want it to be over. Also, Beyonce shouldn’t do ballads like the one she did for her live performance, her voice really isn’t that strong and I would have rather seen someone like Jennifer Hudson up there.

Best New Artist

I cannot believe it wasn’t MGMT! Not that MGMT is particularly new, I don’t know what year the Grammy’s are functioning in. They had by far the most fun and imaginative album in years and they lost to a bland country band. The Grammy’s trended heavily to country music this year (maybe it’s a trend the entire country is experiencing, and I am just not paying attention), but they had more country live acts than any other genre. The Zac Brown Band are okay musicians, but nothing special, not even for the country genre.

Ok, no more negatvity, but before I start talking with the glass half full, I also want to mention that Katy Perry should have won over Beyonce for Hot N Cold.

Free Download-Record of the Year-Use Somebody by Kings of Leon

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