Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Features, The Whigs, and Kings of Leon

Everybody by now knows about Kings of Leon's last infamous trip to Saint Louis, MO. The story of the band being pelted by pigeon poop, so much so that they were forced to leave the stage after only three songs, was well documented all over the world. The band fell under heavy criticism and were accused of being divas, especially here in Saint Louis. On Saturday, the Kings returned to reconquer Saint Louis and hopefully gain some of their hurt reputation back.

The night started out with Kings of Leon friends, The Features, best known for their Alt-Nation hit "Lions." The Features have felt the rough ride of the music industry, being signed by Universal Music Group, only to be dropped because they refused to cover a Beatles song for a commercial. However, having friends in the right places will eventually pay off, when Kings of Leon announced the formation of their own record label last year, The Features were the first act to be signed. Things may be looking up for the Features, and they definitely have the song sculpting talents to make it big, but they have a long way to go if they want to be selling out stadiums like the Kings.

The night was considerably cold when the Whigs finally took the stage, and kept the crowd warm by making sure they were moving along to their stadium style southern rock. Gaining buzz this year from Rolling Stone magazine's 'Artist to Watch', The Whigs are making their way up the music industry ladder. Their most popular song, "Kill Me Carolyne," was absent from the set list, but they have many other gems to fill the air.

Finally, the Kings of Leon took the stage, and no matter what you think of their actions, their music speaks for itself. They put on a great headline show and they are one of a few bands that truly deserve to play amphitheatre sized venues. All of their hits sounded crisp, and they kept the crowd completely engaged, something that is not an easy task in a venue that large. Those who were able to forgive Kings of Leon and brave the cold and the rain, were not disappointed.

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