Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Indie Rock Ice Cream Social

Combining an old tradition with a new trend isn’t always successful, but the Firebird’s annual Indie Rock Ice Cream Social is just that. Although the beer and the Ice Cream aren’t exactly the best combination, the Firebird have managed to produce a really successful annual event.

The first band of the night were the Breaks, a Saint Louis based band that echo the indie scene in the UK. Sounding like the Wombats and other UK heroes, the Breaks’ sound was very polished for a band who were only on their second show. Fast, guitar based indie rock, the Breaks also have a soulful sound provided by lead singer Collin Christoper's deep voice.

The Union Tree Review provided a mellower folk based sound that sported an acoustic guitar and a violin. Their music was slow, but soulful and with a big sound led by lead singer and guitarist Tawaine Noah. With five members, all of whom look completely different from one another, Union Tree Review combines all kinds of different sound to become a unique staple in the Saint Louis music community.

Local favorites, the Blind Eyes were the headliners and as always were a crowd favorite.

Key tracks: 'I Function' by Union Tree Review

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