Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Roger Waters Presents The Wall

Ticket prices these days seem like their through the roof. If you want to see a live show at one of the bigger venues, the choice is between a good seat, or being able to pay the heating bill for the month. And most of the time the choice is obvious, when the expectation is a bunch of old dudes trying to play their guitars and relive the glory days.

People might have been skeptical when they learned the cheapest Roger Waters tickets were no less than 80$ dollars and the most expensive well over 800. It seems most live shows these days are just about Ticketmaster/LiveNation figuring out new ways to rip you off.

Not Roger Waters, however, the former Pink Floyd member puts on a show no one will ever forget. Playing their famous 1979 album, The Wall, Waters gives every member of the audience their money back via his performance.

The first track, "In the Flesh", begins with Water's ensemble dressed in full military garb circa the World Wars and featured fireworks, pyrotechnics, and a fiery plane crash into the massive wall that took up the entire stage. Throughout the rest of the show, many of the albums artwork and videos are projected onto the Wall, and the special effects are awe inspiring.

Some of the moments are very touching. During the album's 'intermission', photos of people who have died in some sort of military combat are posted on the screen, including those victims in 9/11 and the 7/7 bombings in London. There is also some very tear jerking footage of soldiers coming home to their children.

Roger Waters has always said he never approved of the outcome of the film, saying "I found it was so unremitting in its onslaught upon the senses, that it didn't give me, anyway, as an audience, a chance to get involved with it." He also mentioned that the live shows were a much better representation of the album, but has admitted that until now, the technology wasn't good enough to be able to perform on this scale.

The best part of the show is all of the many surprises that Waters has to offer, not to mention its probably worth seeing twice because there is so much going on, I had to have missed a few gems. The entire show is a high point and the effort and production is above and beyond what anybody has ever done, not to mention you are also getting to see the talents of a living legend.

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