Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Passion Pit and Tokyo Police Club

Just when you think everything in the pop music genre has already been done, a band like Passion Pit comes and blows you away. Fast, electro based beats, with a twinge of indie rock makes Passion Pit, not doubt the most fun band of the last few years.

Passion Pit soared to stardom in the summer of 2009 with their debut album Manners. Hailing from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, Michael Angelakos started writing some songs for his then girlfriend as a Valentines Day gift. Those songs would eventually turn into the Chunk of Change EP and eventually evolve into their debut album.

Passion Pit graced Saint Louis at the Pageant playing an album of hits to a sold out show. The band had grown quite a lot since I had first seen them at Bonnaroo last summer. At that show, the lead singer sat at his keyboards almost the entire time, head down, but that didn’t stop anyone from dancing. This time around, Angelakos was all over the stage, connecting with the audience and thoroughly enjoying himself as he played. The audience knew the entire repertoire of songs and sang and danced a long. Passion Pit provided a dance party.

Tokyo Police Club provided the support and were the perfect accent for such an indie rock fest. I don’t know what band better epitomizes the genre than Tokyo Police Club. Lead singer Dave Monks’ voice is melodic and labels each of their songs completely unique. Their 2008 album Elephant Shell became an indie darling and their new album Champ is sure to do the same.

Passion Pit might be one of the best bands that the indie genre has produced in the last few years. Their first album has no doubt made hearts race and people dance. Angelakos has stated that he isn’t working on any new music yet, because would “like to learn the old ones first.” There is definitely a trend among artists who produce an amazing first album, to fail on their sophomore attempt and fade into obscurity. Let’s hope Passion Pit can avoid this.

Key Tracks: Tessellate by Tokyo Police Club and Moth’s Wings by Passion Pit

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