Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Although fun. is just gaining the buzz they deserve, the band members are already pro's and they brought their dance party to Saint Louis to a sold out crowd. Keyboardist Andrew Dost answers a few questions.

The band is a little bit of a super group with members of the Format and Steel Train, what’s it like playing in the group?

People call it a super group, but the only other super group that I have ever really been aware of is like the Traveling Wilburys, which has the greatest songwriters in history, so to call us a super group seems kind of silly. I would like to think that every band has a few people who know their stuff and are sort of egotistical and maybe even a little arrogant like we probably all are, but super group sounds pompous for me to say. I would like to think that we are a band like any other with a few different people who can contribute and who can write songs.

How did the period end up on the band name?

That might be another case of pomposity, or attempting to avert it. I think to call yourself fun puts a lot of pressure on yourself. A period helps tone it down a little bit so its not right in your face. Ditto for the lower case f, we are just trying to mellow it out a little bit.

So this is your second U.S. tour?

This is our second headlining US tour, we have been around the block a few times opening for different bands.

Have you played overseas at all?

We have, we have done two different tours in Europe this just year alone and we are actually going to go back again in November for Paramore.

Where is your favorite place to play?

We played my home state Michigan last night so that was pretty special. I have to give it to Michigan. I like Michigan a lot, but playing in the UK was remarkable and I can’t wait to go back there.

When are you going back?

In November, we are going to open for B.O.B and Paramore for their European tour. It’s not going to be like anything we have experienced before, its going to be a different type of show. I can’t wait, I love both bands.

What’s next?

Were going on tour with Paramore in Europe, then we are going to come back for the holidays and write the record in the winter.

When are you planning on recording?

We are probably going to record in April or May, that is the plan at least.

Anything exciting you want to add?

This is always the hardest question. I feel like when you get to say whatever you want there is nothing.

Sometimes its better to be restricted, when you have specific instructions sometimes it turns out better.

I know, I like to give myself parameters when I write, like I’ll write songs withs no D-chord. It forces me to be creative.

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